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Malayalam full movie Innathe Program


Innathe Program (1991) is a Malayalam Comedy movie. Directed by P. G Viswambharan. Starring Mukesh, Siddhique, Sainuddin, Radha, Kalpana, Oduvil Unnikrishnan, Thodupuzha Vasanthi, Mamukoya, Baiju, Philomina and others. This is a guaranteed family movie with very breezy script. Innathe Program may feel as a bachilor’s movie in the beginning but soon you may understand that it’s a complete family back. Unnikrishnan Nair, Rajendran and Salim are friends and co-workers in an office.

Three are bachelors too. This Mukesh Movie goes around them and with some new happenings. Indumathy is a typical village girl who joined in the same office. Moosa is their neighbor and Dasappan is their helping hand and working in Moosa’s shop. Bhargavikkutty Amma is the building owner of their rent “Bachilour house”. This malayalam cinema is going good from beginning to end.

The Mukesh Movie starts with a the intro of three. And their daily whereabouts. But all are taken in a complete family cinematography. A funny pack intro as well. Followed by Indu’s intro. She is very innocent in character. Unni feels a soft corner to her. His father had fixed his marriage with uncle’s daughter. But he was not interested in her. But he was not courageous enough to say open his mind to his father , you may find this throughout the Mukesh movie.

At last Indu and Unni fell in love and decided to get married. Unni and Rajendran gone to her home and talked to her father. But she was the bread winner of the whole family and he was afraid that after marriage her salary may be diverted to Unni’s pockets. Whatever they say he does not agreed. At last unni decided to go for registered marriage in secret. They took a new home and started to live happily.

But things gone into a bit hard very soon. Unni’s father, Mother and Minikutty came to for a visit. Unni some how managed to hide his mariage from them. From this moment this malayalam cinema goes on with very interesting & funny events. Indu was temporarily shifted to their bachelor’s cottage. After that to near by house of Moosa. Unni’s headache goes higher and higher. Which would arouse the fun of viewers.

So what may be the end of this funny story? Any predictions ? try it in the Climax. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.