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Malayalam full movie Ithiri Neram Othiri Karyam


Ithiri Neram Othiri Karyam” (1982) is dramatic Malayalam classic cinematography.  Directed by Balachandra Menon. Starring Balachandramenon, Srividya, Poornima, Prathapachandran, Jalaja,  Sukumari, Lizy, Janardanan, Venu Nagavally, Maniyan Pilla Raju and others. “Ithiri Neram” says a very different theme. In the society there is a crew who lives in an isolated & deserted pole. They are the mentally challenged people. May be some of us have met such people. They are like that because of any immense shock or birth disorders. They don’t want mercy they deserves care and consideration. Some times they show more humanity than ours.

The movie passes through such scenarios. In the character line up, Jijo is a mentally challenged fellow. He is from a rich family too, he lost his mother and living with father step mother and step sister Latha. Dr. Indu runs a hospital for mentally challenged people. But it is modified as a homely atmosphere in module. Malu is mental patient who lost her lover.Dr. Philip is a very busy psychiatrist. Mohan is Indu’s husband who is a business man.Jacob is an ex-service man and physical instructor in the hospital.

“Ithiri Neram Othiri Karyam” Starts with the arrival intro
scene of Jijo. He comes with his dad via a speed boat. Actually they came by Car on the was he wished for a boat. From this instance we may get a picture about the intense character of Jijo. When he reached the hospital he made very much trouble in hospital. But upon the request from his father Indu forgives for all hazards he’d done and she admitted him.

From next snap movie goes on with the funny as well asinnocent acts and whereabouts of the hospital patients as well as Jijo. Some very touching moments are inbuilt in it. When the story goes Jijo finds a little close to Malu. But one day she hanged herself due to the intensity of her mind pressure. Jijo returns home for a break. His family goes for a marriage proposal for him. Some how they convinced a poor girl from a poor family.

This instance reveals the influence of money in society. Before marriage Jijo goes for site
seeing with her. But she could stand his all rubbish. The marriage day gets more close. Jijo realized she is struggling with him. So what may be the climax? Will she marry Jijo? Or Jijo will change his mind? See
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