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Malayalam Full Movie KL 7/95 Ernakulam North


Malayalam full movie K.L. 7/95 Eranakulam North (1996). Is a one of the Best Malayalam comedy thriller movie Starring Shammi Thilakan ,Idavela Babu ,Shyju, Mala Aravindan, Kottayam Nazeer, Jagathi Sreekumar, Baburaj, Machan varghese , Anusha & others.

Movie Synopsis
K.L. 7/95 Eranakulam North (1996) is a Malayalam comedy Action movie. Directed by Paulson. Starring Shammi Thilakan ,Idavela Babu ,Shyju, Mala Aravindan, Kottayam Nazeer, Jagathi Sreekumar, Baburaj, Machan varghese , Anusha & others. In India ‘Autorickshaw’ has been known as the taxi of the poor. The three wheeled vehicle is the bellowed transport of the common people. K.L 7/95 is a story about the Autorickshaw drivers or simply ‘Auto-Drivers’. Other than a typical Auto-rickshaw story like Mohanlal’s “Aey Auto”, this movie has a sheer flow of comedy.

Since many of the actors in this movie are from Mimicry field, their gestures blended this 1.45 Hours with humour. This movie also portrayals the sketch of honest taxi service. Since the middle class people usually uses in this vehicle, occasionally they forgets their belongings in the auto it self. It’s the duty of drivers to return them in safe. In movie there is also mentioning about the true fare system. As we know some Taxi drivers are usually making such a mess with the fares. There is a fixed fare system in the country, but some of the drivers are not paying attention to it.

They charges the rates as per their will, especially with non-natives and foreigners. Like said in the tourism slogan “Athidhi Devo Bhava” we are meaned to consider the guests (the foreigners) with most respect. But the pathetic attitude of some Taxi drivers brings shame in our country’s name. This is also pointed in the movie. Another thing in the movie is the God’s mysterious hands. Whatever the foul plays we do, there is God who is watching us all. So at the end of balance sheet he regulates the checks and in-balances. In the movie also has a good bondage of true friendship. Whatever worse the situations is, a true friendship can always find an easy solution.

Movie starts with a theft scene. Sadaananda Pai is a straight forward and good hearted Gold merchant. One day a couple came for a big purchase of 10 Lakhs. After they left another couple came and purchased for about 9.8 Lakhs.But at the cash counter they said that they have already paid the money. Paid called the police, but the cal got tapped, and a fake police inspector came on the scene and tactically Pai got “robbed” ; Pai lost his gold and lost his mental state.

The couple took a taxi and she left the Gold bag inside the Auto’s Speaker hole. And she got murdered by Stanly’s men. But she had written the taxi number in her wrist. Stanly and his hinge-men starts searching for the Gold. This is the intro of the movie. Now the camera stretches to the Auto stand, you may see the humorous mimcry performances in the intro. Prakash, Abu Deva, Salim, Unni, Keshavan, Gopi & Babu are the auto-drivers. Every one has the story of poverty and liabilities. Prakash is struggling for his sister’s marriage, Aashan has two daughters who are upto the marital age. Radha is Prakash’s lover and neighbor.

Augustine is the workshop man, Babu drives his Auto for rent. After the first pack of comedy scenes movie slowly leaps to the dramatic pace. Stanly and his funny hingemen are in pursuit of the taxi. Prakash’s sister gets a good proposal from a government employee, but asks for more gold as dowry. He plans to sell his bellowed Auto for her marriage, without knowing the Lakhs worth Gold in his own Auto. Bakkar who is a motoar vehicle sales agent helps to sell the taxi and taken to Trivandrum. But after some days Prakash and friends came to know about the Gold in the Auto from Stanly”s people.

Meanwhile Babu got murdered by his men. And the it’s now the time for payback. And the movie gears into the climax. So will those criminals will taste the bitterness of law? Will Pai get his Gold back? Watch the full movie and untie the climax.