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” Achante Bharya” (1971) is a family classic movie. Directed by Thikkurushi Sukumaran Nair, Starring K. P. Ummar,Ragini,Thikkurishi,Jose Prakash,Adoor Bhasi,Meenakumari,Bahadoor,Punjabi,Nellikkodu,Kayyalam,Kuttan Pillai,Menon,Mathew and others.This is one of the Golden Movies in the history of Malayalam Cinema, which glorifies the depth and intensity of Family relations. The Movie ” Achante Bharya”  says about the desertion of a woman for the sake of her brother, Mother & sisters. Thankamma is a typical woman from a very poor family.

She together with her brother & sisters live in a hut. Vijayan is her brother who is in pursuit of the MBBS course. Her one sister Ammini is a dump girl too. She got four young sisters too. All responsibility of that family is in the weak shoulders of Thankamma. Karunakaran Nair is a contractor who is also a rich man & a widower. He is quenching for a second marriage.

Omana is his sister and his brother Raghavan a taxi driver, who is living apart from them. Movie starts with the framing of Thankamma’s home. We may get the complete real picture of her home within Five minutes. Since Vijayan is doing MBBS she is in want of much money always. She managed to give his fees and miscellaneous expenses. Now he is on the final year. One day Vijayan asked some money, but Thankamma couldn’t fetch it.

Mean while a broker came with the proposal of Karunakaran, Thankamma decided to marry him to fulfill the her destinies.Even if all of her family opposed the marriage, she gone with it. In the next frame the movie says about the life after marriage of Thankamma. Yes her life status changed but her character reamained the same. Karunakaran is only font off with her meat. He finds his children as nuisance only.

But Thankamma look after them al like her own kids. Mean while Vijayan & Omana gets in affair, Karunakaran opposes it. And he pulls him out from his house and stops the funding for Thankamma’s family & Viajayan’s study. What may be the next then? Is Thanakamma’s sacrifice may be in Vein? Will Viajayan Complete MBBS & Marry Omana? For all answers tuned to Full movie ” Achante Bharya” . Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.