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Ente puthiya Number Movie Scene


Watch Malayalam movie scene from “Ente Puthiya Number” (2013) is a social awareness Malayalam Movie, Directed by A. G Sukumaran. STarring Mehroof Usman, Jaydev, Kiran, Minnu Robert, Keerthana, Shishira and others. The Movie throughs lights on social attitude towards woman. Hence it gives many questions at the end for us to answerr.

How to handle the low lives who disturb woman in bus. Is it good to defend against such disturbences?. Giving mobile phone to children are good or bad? Is Mobile chating is safe? Is Mobile chat is nuisance to society? Are women safe in working space? Why there are Molesting against Woman? If husband is irresponsible is it good to go behind another man? Like these throughout the movie it gives a reminder and a new thinking era.

Praveen kumar[JAYDEV] from Ernakulam and Reni John[MAHARUF USMAN] from Kottayam are friends. They live in a rental house at Kochi. Praveen has four mobile phones. His main hobby is to contact women from various backgrounds and to maintain friendship with them. Reni John is a failed business man who is now occupied with the thoughts of love. Though handsome, he didn’t get any lover so far. Naturally he envies his friend Praveen for having so many girl friends.

The movie starts with the mobile chat of Praveen while driving. We may see too many girls talking with him. He is an expert in handling girls. Throughout the movie we may see it. He is like Giant Tree with many Birds. Mean while Reni quenches for a sincere lover, but he don’t get a single one. The movie proceeds with these two men. Jacky who is font off with deliberate harassing of woman in bus and a drug addicts joins the pack.

Reni’s mom & dad is busy with their profession and don’t have the time to care about their only son.One positive aspect is Praveen only chats with girls never use them in any manner. Shirin a Mumbai based rich girls comes to Kerala who is Praveen’s girls friend. Praveen manages Reni to propose her and the story goes in that route for a while. Mean while Anitha’s (Praveen’s Girl Friend) husband dies, Praveen fears the situation, he thought he might be reason for his death.

By the climax the movie need more answers. To find that answers switch to full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company IN Malayalam romantic TV