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Malayalam Comedy Scene From Auto Brothers – Jagadeesh ,Cochin Haneefa


This is a Malayalam Comedy Movie Scene from Auto Brothers (1999). Starring Jagadeesh ,Baiju ,Cochin Haneefa ,Harishree Ashokan ,Ashokan ,Chandni , Zainudheen, Indrans and others.

Movie Synopsis
Auto Brothers (1999) is a Malayalam action movie, Directed by Nissar. Starring Jagadeesh ,Baiju ,Cochin Haneefa ,Harishree Ashokan ,Ashokan ,Chandni , Zainudheen, Indrans and others. The center message of the movie is about Terrorism, but framed in a very simple & interesting manner. The recent terror attack in Mumbai was condemned severely by various governments across the world.Terrorism is something which all over the world is a major problem at the moment.Its effects are very much that it can deteriorate a country’s economy and can cause between the countries.Terrorists were not born but they were made in the name of religion.

None of the religion preaches terrorism nor ask the followers to take the lives of other people but it was preached by wrong leaders and innocent people fall as a prey and lose their lives and kill other people as well.Terrorists dont understand that by acting in the name of terrorism,they are bringing disgrace to their own religion and at the same time ruining their own country and people and when they are no more,hardly they could realise the damage they have done and if we have another life or the so called Spirits,these people will realise and make this world a safe and a peaceful place to live. In the ultimate analysis, all terrorist groups are criminal.

They do not distinguish between good and evil; neither do they spare anybody, not even women and children. Terrorism is a global problem and as such it cannot be solved in isolation. What are needed are international co-operative efforts to fight against this global menace. All the governments of the world should simultaneously and continuously crack down on militants and terrorists. The global menace can be reduced and eliminated only by close co-operation between various countries.

In this movie the story is basically about the lives about a bunch of Auto-Riksha Drivers. This is framed to be happen in a local auto stand. Babu, Krishnan, Raju, Sudhakaran, Ravi are friends and auto drivers in the same auto stand. In the intro part we may see the whereabouts and some funny moments of theses fellows. Raju & Krishnan loves the same girl, who runs a S.T.D booth. Babu is the leader of the whole crew. Nazeer is running a cargo auto and his father Sayid is a tea shoppe owner. But Nazeer has connection with some underworld business people.

Who usually uses him to transport goods, in return he gets good money. He never knew them or their so called business. This is the starting story line of the movie. One day Babu saves a girl named Indhu, from a trap. She had a blind mother and she was taking tutions for a living. Her love gave a new light and hope into the lonely and deserted live of Babu, who was an Orphan too. This movie excells the social commitment and When things are all going like this, one day Babu got a passenger who wanted to go into the railway station. He forgot to take his cell phone, which he left in the Auto.

When Babu take it he got call from a stranger, he asked Babu to exchnage his currecny note for money on the following day. Every one felt delighted hearing the message. Babu decided to share the money with every one. Every one started dreaming. You may see some funny twists mean while like Missing the currency, lossing the cell phone etc. But when they realized it was terrorist attacking blue print, they started to chase them. On the other hand Nazeer was caught and his father was murdered. So what may happen in the climax? Will these auto heroes stop the villains. Find it out, watch full movie ‘Auto Brothers