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Malayalam full movie AANDHOLANAM


Andolanam (2001) is a Malayalam dramatic family movie ,directed by Jagadeesh Chandran. Starring Anoop ,Narendra Prasad ,Janardhanan ,Kalabhavan Mani ,VK Sreeraman ,Mala Aravindan ,MS Thrippoonithura ,Salu Kootanaad ,Sadiq ,Prasanth ,Baiju ,Rahna ,Bindu Panicker ,Mini Nair ,Soniya ,Anila Sreekumar ,Baby Neeraja & others. Andolanam simply potrayling the depth of love through two hearts. How do we see love? Is love something that is to transcend everything, even death? Does love makes one suffer depths of despair that the only release is death?

Does love make us forget everything else and focus only on the object of affection? Does love force us to do everything possible, and beyond so as to exact every drop of its essence? Should there be barriers, are we all consumed to remove them and inflict grave injury and hurt on those who put them there? Possibly, but then again, we would really be off our rockers to do a Heath-cliff. We do not see love in that sense today… to die for love.

This Kalabhavan Mani movie is about love, probably not the way it exists, but more about the way it should be fierce, almost insane, unconditional, merciless and disregarding one’s true wishes and needs.This Kalabhavan ManiMovie has a usual frame of family graph. Guruvaayoor Kovilakam is a very aristocratic royal house in a remote village. Presently Shakthan Thampuran and his wife lives in it. All others are gone abroad or far away. Movie starts with a dispute scene between Shakthan Thampuran and Bharathan, who is a distant relative.

Bharathan wants to make road through the land of Kovilakam to the nearby temple. But because of some strange reasons Thampuran is standing against it. Bharathan challenged him and left. Achu, who is the son a money lender Nambeeshan was a crooked man. He is now recently released from Jail. Thampuran makes him drunk and sends to kills Bharathan with a knife. In the struggle Bharathan got wounded. From these struggles movie goes to our heroine Ammu.

Unfortunately she is the cousin of Achu. Her father left her when she was a child. Her mother is doing house hold works in Kovilakam and in nearby temple for a living. Ammu’s friend is Radha, who plays a minute roll in movie. And now to our hero. Shakthan Thampuran’s son, Devan. He is a devotee of Music. Even if his relatives were in western countries, he was not interested in that life. He life was music. One day when he returned from his college, he met Ammu.

Just like the love at first sight theory she lost herself in him. Eventually they got into love. Achu always beat Ammu. His father Nambeeshan never spoke a word to him. One day Ammu’s mother got sick and stayed on bed rest, and she died at last. Mean while Thampuran came to know about Devan’s affair, he pulled him off from home.

The marriage of Ammu & Achu has fixed without asking her. Ammu decided to end her life, she walked to the depth of river. Then what happend to her? Will she be saved? What may be her destiny? Watch full Kalabhavan Mani movie ..Andolanam