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Malayalam full movie Alolam


“Alolam” (1982) is a Malayalam Classic and Romantic family movie, directed by Mohan. Starring Bharath Gopi, Nedumudi Venu,K.R Vijaya,Shankaradi and others. “Alolam” says about the importants of moralitywhich we need to keep in our family relations. In the changed modern society many guys are interested in flirting and time pass chats with women. Which nullifies the intensity of social life. Since family is the basic bond of a society such low lives makes life hard.

Many couples and families are gone worst with such people. Alolam glorifies this social cancer. In the story thread you may find a couple. Savitri anf Mukunthan Menon. They don’t have children. But they don’t feel it much problem. Mukunthan menon is a government vetenary Doctor. Savitri is a hard core sincere and dedicated house wife. Thampuran is the so called guy we are talking about. He is font off with women.

Even if he is from a royal family, his character is not that much royal. Nanu & Janaki are the neighbors of Doctor . They are brother and sister. But very a bit aged and both not married. Alolam starts with the intro from a temple. Thampuran is a devoted man, but not match with his character. Mukunthan Menon has got transfer to a remote village and just came for a living to there.In the first part the story narrates the weakness to Thampuran towards woman.

Altogether with the romance and where abouts of Mukunthan & Savitri. Tampuran and Mukunthan gets close in a so called friendship. Mukunthan was a straight forward man. But Tampuran tactically paves the seeds of his character in his mind. He said girls are meaned for time pass so and so. Throughout the Bharath Gopi movie Tampuran is well framed as an example of the guy we mentioned. As the story moves Tampuran traps Janaki and wins in setting a relation.

He managed to get in to their home at any time. On the other hand Tampuran started moduling Mukunthan. One day he arranged a girl for him. Mukunthan blindly obeyed what he said. Mukunthan said a lie and gone to town he & she gone to a lodge. But Mukunthan changed his mind and came back to home. But Savitri got a dress piece of that girl from his suit case. So what happen next?

Will Savitri forgive or forget? See the full classic Bharath Gopi movie . Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.