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Malayalam full movie Chakravalam Chuvannappol


Chakravaalam Chuvannappol (1983) is a Malayalam dramatic movie.  Starring Prem Nazeer ,Mohanlal ,Mammootty ,Jagathy Sreekumar ,CI Paul ,Kaval Surendran ,Sumalatha ,Vanitha ,Rajanikanth ,PK Radhadevi, Bindu Lekha ,Baby Reena & others. Directed by Sasi Kumar. Chakravaalam Chuvannappol means when the Horizon gets red.

The Mammootty Movie says about both revenge and sacrifice. The climax thread has a very good message. But lets look another important aspect called the eye donation.Individuals who have been blind since birth or early childhood, in contrast, do not experience the same shift in identity from the “sighted self” to the “blind self” as do those who lose their sight later in life .

However, those who are congenitally blind must still master the same specialized skills and cope effectively with negative societal messages about blindness . Factors such as educational opportunities, degree of usable vision, and expectations of family and friends can powerfully shape a blind child or adolescent’s attitudes toward, and acceptance of, blindness. As with adult rehabilitation, a solid measure of individuals’ attitudes toward blindness can be employed to evaluate educational systems for blind youth and to tailor programs to their psychosocial needs.

Eye donation is donating the eyes after a person’s death. Eyes are very valuable part of a human being, which should not be wasted either by burning or burying the body. Donation of the eyes gives sight to two corneally blind persons, enabling them to come out of their dark and dreary life into a life full of colors, a life where they can see and enjoy this beautiful world. “Eyes are a precious gift to a person. But the same eyes bring misery when misused or when they are lost. A wise man utilizes that gift while alive and on death too”.

Well, if we take a look at this Mammootty Movie story line we can see a very loving father and a very loving daughter, Latha. He is Doctor Menon. He is an eye specialist and running a specialty clinic. His sun in law Suresh is working in a private company and used to travel a lot. Even if he is running a private clinic he never bagged much money from the patients this gave him fame and honour in society.
But even if he do so much of this charity, god wasn’t that much merciful to him. His only daughter Latha is a cancer patient. He came to know about this after her marriage. Even if it’s diagnosed it was too late. Since the medicines cannot do much on her, he decided to keep it as secret from her, so that he can look at her smiling face till her death.

Now the couple is so happy and they are having a good time each other. Days passed one day a blind named Vasu came to see Menon. He came along with all the money he had to do the surgey on him. He carried a sharp knife along with him, on Menon’s curiosity he revealed the suspense. He had a younger sister named Prabha. Vasu become blind eventually, so she take good care of him like a mother.

When they were living good with the money from her homely tailoring the dark destiny showed the brutal face again. One day she found hanged on the ceiling writing a photo and a letter. She loved a an unknown guy, and he had promised to marry her. But he was black at heart. As usual he deceived her, she committed suicide realizing she is being cheated.

She had left a photo, so Vasu now want the vision back in order to see who he is and to kill him. So he carried the knife with him. When Doctor Menon looked the photo he was shocked, it was Suresh. Menon tactically shread one part of the photo into pieces and put in bin. Finally Latha came to know about her sickness and died on the very next day, Doctor menon give her eyes to Vasu. Now the Mammootty Movie stretches to climax.

What will Vasu do when he see the photo? Or Will he change his mind? Find out, watch full movie “Chkravalam Chuvannappol”