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Malayalam full movie Chemmeen


Chemmeen (1965) is a Malayalam romantic drama film.  Directed by Ramu Kariat, Starring Sheela,Madhu,Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair,Sathyan, S.P Pillai, Adoor Bhvani, Philomina, Latha Raju, J.R Anand, Adoor Pankajam, Nilmaoor Ayisha, Kamala Devi, Paravoor Bharathan, Kottayam Chellappan, Kauvakkulam Antony, K.P Abaas, Sreemoola Nagaram Vijayan, N.N Pisharadi, Omanakkuttan and others. “Chemmeen ” means the Prawn, is the life story of a fisherman’s daughter, Karuthamma. And her love affair with a Mslim trader’s son Pareekkutty. Her father’s name is Chembankuju. He was a very ambitious man.

Her mother is Chakki, Palani is an Orphan, who is living by his own. The movie’s base story has driven by a myth, if a fisherman’s wife behaves faithless to him when he is off the shore, it will lead into his death. Kadalamma (Goddess of sea) takes his life away. It’s taken in colour but with the best perfection. If we look at the video we may not feel it’s an 1965 Sheela movie. And has awarded by the Indian President for te best film. The IBN live has selected it as the best among 100 Indian films. The story is tremendously executed. Let’s look at the story line up.

The Sheela Movie starts with the beautiful cinematography of the see. We may see the greedy and ambitious chembankunju in the commencement. His only aim is to become the owner of a Boat and a net. He was ready to do anything for it. Karuthamma was a Gorgious woman. Pareekkutty and Chembankuju become close friends. Pareekkutty helps Chembankunju to fulfill his dreams. With his financial assistance Chembankunju borrows a new bot and net.

The only condition he said was to sell the boat only to him. Meanwhile Karuthamma and Pareekkutty falls in love affair. When Chakki came to know about his, she warned her. She reminded her about the social and outcast boundaries which they live on.If any one marries the other cast people, the entire fisherman community has to face the infinite wrath of Kadalamma.So they were very particular in it.

Chembankunju bought some boats too into his collection, and his heart became more black and greedy. On the other hand Karuthamma had forced to marry Palani. In this moment we may hear the classic song ever in Malayalam “Maanasa Maine Varoo..”. Which was taken marvelously to excel the disappointment of Pareekkutty. Karuthama gone with Palani to his village. Eventually she forget her dreams. Now she became as a good wife and mother. But all their happiness doesn’t last long.

Meanwhile Chembankunju’s wife passed away. He married to Pappi. She was also a widower. And from her he had bought the first boat. She started ruinin his life. Chembankunjuy’s second daughter Latha had to face immense torture from her stem mom. Thus she decided to Join with her sister’s. Unfortunately Chembankunju’s all money and wealth was spoiled by his second wife. She turned into a mad condition.

At the same time, the old love story of Karuthamma got spread in the village, which aroused the anger of Palani. He wasn’t ready to believe her. The fishermen wasn’t ready to take him in team. On the final night, Pareekkutty and Karuthamma meets. And Palani goes to see alone to catch a Shark. Actually his anger was driving him. We steps into the climax. Have a look at the world class climax of Chemmeen This online streaming of Chemmeen is brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment company. Please watch and share.