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Malayalam full movie Churam


“Churam” (1997) is Romantic & Classic Family Malayalam Movie. Directed by the legendary Director, Bharathan. Starring  Manoj K. Jayan, Nedumudi Venu, Divya unni, K.P.A.C Lalitha, Philomina & Others. In one single line if comment about this movie we may say “The 100% Complete Family Pack”. Churam is about the rebirth an Orphan girl in to the new life of dreams and colours. This Divya unni movie is well framed in the greenish canvas of Kerala Forest.

Bharathan deserves a kudos for the spectacular attempt that he made in about 15 years back. Balagopalan is a middle aged man, running a local hotel in native place. Kunjunni is his so called son, whom he got from forest when he was a kid. Kunjunni is the care taker of farming in forest. Also he is a helping hand of Balagopalan.

One day Mayamma , a is a typical Man Kunjunni, Balagopalan, Maayamma is an innocent girl who luckily got in to the hands of Balagopalan, for him she is his own daughter who passed away. Balagopalan has only one helper Paramu. This Divya unni movie starts with Balagopalan’s Hotel scene, whereas he is suffering too much to run the hotel. He is getting neither good income nor contentment. When all things going worse Mayamma gets into there.

She altered the face of the Hotel from top to bottom. People more came to Hotel and Balagopalan gets more revenue. All the picture starts to get more colour.You may see some action sequences like saving an elephant from well etc, but all such shots are handled in realistic manner, that may aroused the attention of the viewers. Kunjunni and Mayamma starts to get more close. And they fell in love.

Mean while a criminal minded Lorry Driver tries to molest her, but luckily she escaped. Balagopalan scolded Kunjunni when he saw she crying. But when she came to know about it, she goes and consoles him. In the next frame the marriage between Kunjunni & Mayyamma occurs followed by very blissful romance in between them. Very soon they have a baby child “Appunni”. All gets rejoiced and the frequency of their happiness touched the heights.

When all things going good one day Appunni got missed. Where he gone? Do any one kidnapped him? Do the happiness ended forever? Switch to full Divya unni movie “Churam” and find out. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.