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Malayalam full movie Chuzhalikkaattu


This is malayalam full movie Chuzhalikkaattu(2014). Starring Jayakrishnan ,Babitha ,Anjana Menon ,Ali Khan ,Aravi Bakel ,Shejin Alappuzha ,James Parakkal ,Santhosh Koloth ,Anusree ,Sheelashree,Vishnupriya & others.

Movie Synopsis
Chuzhalikkaattu(2014) is a Malayalam Romantic Thriller movie. Starring Jayakrishnan ,Babitha ,Anjana Menon ,Ali Khan ,Aravi Bakel ,Shejin Alappuzha ,James Parakkal ,Santhosh Koloth ,Anusree ,Sheelashree,Vishnupriya & others. Directed by Gireesh Kunnummal.Tittle means “”the storm””.Yes this is the Malayalam cinema about the arising of a storm, a women’s storm. Her rebirth against the social discrimination. Also this movie alerts as about the bad end of mobile phone usage to our innocent women.

And the nearest hospitals, schools or banks are often hours if not days away, making the cell phone the primary way people in the developing world can easily access critical services.But is that all? no!!. Some people are deliberately using it to trap women and to abuse them. Since most of the women hearts are innocents are unable to identify these pests. And what is the result? The total ruin of a beautiful flower. In this Malayalam cinema there says a story of an Innocent girl too.

Her name is Maya. Her ambition is to be an Engineer. She is with her elder sister Seetha. Her 12 year old daughter is Ponnu. Seetha’s husband is Bhaskaran, who is a truck driver. Maniyan is his helping hand. Kanaran is a local man giving money for credit, his daughter is Rama, friend of Maya. Jaya Prakash (J.P) is a business man, who is in Real estate business. Noufal is Seetha’s neighbor his mother is Nabeesa.

Movie starts with the intro of Seetha’s home. She goes everyday for house hold works in Menon’s house for a living. Bhaskaran comes 3,4 times in an year. She is very hardly moving the days of her family. Mean while Maya gets the admission for engineering. Both went to the bank for the loan, but the bank manage denied the loan. He said they don’t have the repaying capacity, Maya gone out from his cabin and weeped.

Accidently there came J.P, seeing her cry, He gone to the cabin and shouted at the Manager. He reminded him about the consequences if they gone to see the banking ombudsman and media. Finally he agrees to sanction the loan. Maya’s heart filled with joy. Thus the new light of optimism entered into their lives. One day she got struck in a road block, and came late for home. She said, if she had a mobile, this never will happen.

Nabeesa too supported her. Seetha bought her new mobile on the very next day. After some day Rama gone missing, and found dead in nearby estate. The culprits were unknown. After some days Ponnu got unconscious and were taken into hospital. Doctor diagnosed a block in the artery and prescribed an immediate surgery, costing about 1.5 lakh. But Kanaran took the full expense of the surgery. He said, he had lost his daughter now for whom he is saving money?.

This resembles some drastic moments in life. After surgery every thing gone well. On the mean time Maya accidentally called J.P instead of Noufal. He called back and started the so called phone in love. But both never knew who they really are. Via phone in chat they got closed very much. And got surprised when seeing first time. J.P tactically took her to his house, and grabbed everything precious to her.

Mean while a Mumbai business man came to buy a 300 acre land which was given token to J.P from it’s owner Kuruvila. They agreed to pay him millions. And he offered Maya in return. And the movie reaches to climax. What may be the pathetic end of Maya’s life? Or Anything else is in twist? Find out , watch full movie, brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.

Directed by – Gireesh Kunnummal
Starring – Jayakrishnan ,Babitha ,Anjana Menon ,Ali Khan ,Aravi Bakel ,Shejin Alappuzha ,James Parakkal ,Santhosh Koloth ,Anusree ,Sheelashree,Vishnupriya & others.

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