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Malayalam full movie Eettappuli


This is malayalam full movie Eettappuli (1983).  Starring Shankar ,Balan K Nair ,Ravindran ,Ambika S ,Vijayalalitha ,Silk Smitha ,KP Ummer ,Kuthiravattam Pappu ,Poojappura Ravi ,Rani Padmini ,Renuchandra & others

Movie Synopsis
Eettappuli (1983) is a Malayalam action n romantic movie. Directed by Crossbelt Mani. Starring Shankar ,Balan K Nair ,Ravindran ,Ambika S ,Vijayalalitha ,Silk Smitha ,KP Ummer ,Kuthiravattam Pappu ,Poojappura Ravi ,Rani Padmini ,Renuchandra & others. Eettappuli means Cheetah. Just like the tittle,Eettappuli is talking about the fight for survival. When people look at them they don’t see them as equals they see them as potential criminals and feel threatened by them.

This gives them little to no chance of coming out of this class and advancing in life. If a person from the middle or upper classes commit a crime that is identical to a crime that a poor person commits it is far more likely that the poor person will get convicted for it long before somebody from the upper class. This is just how celebrities or people in politics often get away with committing crimes.

Nobody would ever suspect a member of upper society or a public figure to commit a crime so automatically all eyes look to the poor because they live in the stereotype that because they are poor they are going to steal whatever they need, no matter what it takes.Upper class can also hire any attorney that they so desire to defend them and they will definitely represent them better than an attorney that was appointed to the poor by the state, which leads to the poor being imprisoned for an identical crime. This makes them angry at the entire system and makes them more likely to commit a crime again.

Here also a rich inhuman being names Shekharan is doing all wicked acts in a remote village on the high range area.The Shankar movie starts with the intro of Shekharan and his born criminal son Raghu. Unfortunately he has a daughter Hema, who is extremely opposite to her father. She helped and cared the poor and needy. Pareeth is a straight forward man who lives and strikes back to Shekharan. His son Kabeer was in prison for the accused murder of his own love Pathmavathi.

She came to that village as a child welfare officer. They fall in love within no time. But destiny was not that much merciful about their dreams, since Kabeer had any job his father was not willing for the marriage. Even if it was an interstate marriage he was an open minded man.Mean while Raghu, who was a womanizer had an eye on her. Pathmavathi filed a report against his co-worker, Shantha who used to steal the goods which are meaned for the kids. Shantha had some wiered connections with Shekharan, she complained to him.

One night Raghu get into her residence and but in the struggle she got stabbed to death. Police took Kabeer. years passed now Kabeer got released and came back with his red face. Renu and Gopi were is love, but Raghu kidnapped her and she tried to suicide. Raghu was tied and beaten by the villagers and as a pay back his hinge men ruined the place and murdered both. Jayan takes charge as the new police officer, he was a classmate & lover of Hema.

Jayan was a stright forwrd officer, he sweared to take the culprits to law. But things got changed so fast. Pareeth was murdered, Jayan was attacked, Kabeer’s brother Rasheed was kidnapped, Hema was locked in. All tends to a super climax of action. Go and reveal the climax of this heart locking story.”

Directed by – Crossbelt Mani
Produced by – N Kesavan Menon
Writer – Cheri Viswanath
Starring – Shankar ,Balan K Nair ,Ravindran ,Ambika S ,Vijayalalitha ,Silk Smitha ,KP Ummer ,Kuthiravattam Pappu ,Poojappura Ravi ,Rani Padmini ,Renuchandra & others

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