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Malayalam full movie Hitler Brothers


“Hitler Brothers” (1997) is a Malayalam action & Romantic family movie. Directed by Sandhya Mohan. Starring Mala Aravindan, Paravoor Bharathan, Sainuddin, Jose pellissery, Babu Antony,Janardhanan, Vijaykumar, Pappu, Augustine, Indrans, Harisree Ashokan, Ravi Vallathol, Prem Kumar and others. “Hitler Brother” says a story which portrayals the intense brotherly love that a four uncles have to their sister’s daughter.They had only sister she and her husband died long ago. So they still remained as bachelors to look after her.

From these lines you may understand the strict life strategy that she has been following.In the character line Nandini is the sister we discussed. She is now doing her graduation in a city college and she staying in a hostel. The four uncles are Achuthankutty, Kesavankutty, Shankarankutty & Ramankutty. Doctor Gopan is a very cunning doctor and so called fiance of Nandini, Manmadhan lawyer is a good guy, but he got a little weakness with women. Thrivikraman is a very straight forward police officer.

With his efforts Permapra police station has raised as the model police station in kerala. Narendran is Nandini’s father’s another son.Vishnu is the new police officer in charge instead of Thrivikraman, his sister is Sundari.This Malayalam cinema screen starts with a chasing scene in which Thrivikraman and his police team. He successfully chases and captures Chinnathampi, who is a criminal. Because of this he got a promotion with transfer. Vishnu comes and takes charge as the Sub inspector altogether with his father and Sister.

The police station building is situated in the rented plot. That plot was belong to Nandini’s family. Gopan who came for alliance demanded the land to construct a hospital. So they started the procedures for taking over it. They approached Manmadhan for legal support. When things going like this Nandhini & Gopan break up. But her family continued with the proposal. Nandini got in to a love affair with Vishnu.When things going like this manmadhan got in a passion with Nandhini.

But Nandhini tak eit in a funnu way. She tactically made Sundari in affair with Manmadhan. And finally Sundari married Manmadhan. On this time Narendran comes in to the scene. He insisted Nandhini has to obey her Uncles. The marriage day comes closer. SO what may happen in the climax? Will She marry Gopan? Or Vishnu.See the full Malayalam cinema. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.