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Kaanchanam (1996) is a Malayalam dramatic family movie, directed by TN Vasantha Kumar. Starring Manoj K Jayan ,Madhupal ,Thilakan ,Vinduja Menon ,Sreevidya ,KPAC Lalitha ,Mafia Sasi ,Harishree Ashokan ,Narendra Prasad ,Charuhasan ,NF Varghese ,Lishoy & others. Kaanchanam says ab out the life of children who are got messed in between the ego fights of parents. Anu who is a grown up college girl now. But still her busy parents are not doing good with her life.

psychologists and child development experts have questioned the effects of working parents on a child’s overall development. Many families must rely on financial support from both parents, thus necessitating the dual-income family, but healthy social and emotional development depends on more than just the amount of time spent with children.Many factors, such as parenting styles, parental availability, the presence or lack of siblings,
socioeconomic status and the child’s individual temperament, influence a child’s social and emotional development.

One of the most important factors in normal social and emotional development, however, is the ability of a child to bond with her parents, starting from the moment she leaves the womb. Parental bonding helps a child feel safe, secure, nurtured and loved. According to HelpGuide.org, the parent-child bond is one of the strongest predictors of mental, social, physical and emotional health.

‘Kaanchanam” means Gold illustrates these situations in a different era. Here you may see a loving daughter named Anu. Her father Jose is a Medical Business man. Her mother Arundhathi is a social worker and Politician. The disputes among them always give big headaches to her. Which’d started long ago, Billyards Menon who is a busy Business hunk had a crush towards Arundhathi. But she fell in love with Jose and got married.

He continued to be as a bachelor and still he wants her. This is the starting story line of theThilakan movie. And soon it starts to twist. Billiyards menon tactically makes her busy with her political activities and she got started to be fall apart from her daughter and husband. On the other hand Anu started lossing the care and love from her Father and Mother. But she never hated them. Mean while a new Sales tax officer, takes charge.

Billiyards menon influences some of the officials and they sent James to raid Jose. But he couldn’t find any thing. Billyard’s adopted son makes an unwanted fight with James regarding a drug issue. This Thilakan Movie starts to roll over. Arundhathi and Jose starts splits up. She went off with her political ambitions. She got elected as the Minister. On the other hand Jose got a Heart attack and he got paralysed on one side.

Billyard’s men done their best for not letting Arundhathi from knowing this. Billyard’s men attacked James and got escaped miraculously. James finds his better half in Anu. Eventualy Arundhathi realized that, she is being used as a Minister. She started to stand against Billyards. This gears up the heat. Thilakan Movie slowly stretches to climax. So Will Arundathi understand her husband? Will Anu get back her family? Watch full movie “Kaanchanam“.