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Malayalam full movie Kidilol Kidilam


Kidilolkidilam (1995) movie is a Malayalam comedy thriller , directed by Paulson. Starring Narendra Prasad ,Rajan P Dev ,Rekha ,Mavelikkara Ponnamma ,Janardhanan ,Vinu Chakravarthy ,Kunjandi and others. Like most of the other movies. Kidilol kidilam also has a good sense of humour throughout. The story line is about the whereabouts of 6 batchilours. Names are Ajith, Johnson, Firoz, Boni, Achu & Santhosh. Santhosh is having an STD call booth. Movie is a reminder to present dowry system in India.

Physical violence against women has been a growing concern in India over the last few decades. Recently married women can be a target for dowry related violence, because she is tied economically and socially to her new husband. As discussed in previous sections on social and economic factors, dowry can undermine the importance of women in society, which might lead to further domestic violence, because dowry may contribute to women’s inferior status in her family and in her culture.

In addition, there are studies indicating dowry as a threat, or hostage type situation, in order to attain greater funds from the bride’s family. This can be seen in young (and often pregnant) brides, who are most vulnerable in the situation. This type of situation can occur with the threat or occurrence of violence, so that the bride’s family is left with no choice but to give more dowry to protect their daughter. In these cases, the husband and his family hold immense power, while the bride is left powerless; this can lead to murder and suicide.

The whole story is framed to be happen in a local village called as Aadityapuram Panchayath. Krishnan is thd local tailor. Karunakara Kurup is the panchayath president and a typical politician. He used to moke people and telling to sanction all their requests. But practically he do’s nothing. Eesho & Gangadharan are local constables. Mettuppalayam Muniyandi is new sub inspector of police in-charge and he is the font off with bribery and women. So he is always getting transfers.

Raji is wife of Raghu. Their marriage was love marriage but after the marriage their life gone worse. Her step mother always tortured her both mentally and physically. She always want her to be in home, actually she was the only bread winner of the family. Her so called husband was not doing any job, he was living with her money. Raji is also a victim of dowry system.He father was not able to give the full amount asked by Raghu, so from then she was brutally tortured.
Movie starts with the intro of the six fellows, as usual they are planning some thing wiered. Accidentally they beat guy for an ornament he was from a rich family. So their headache started. The complaint was raised to police station and all they were called to police station. Mean while every one was terrified by the arrival of new S.I Mettuppalayam Muniyandi. Within two days he came and takes the charge. He beat them and haraassed them.

They left the station with the fire of revenge. They realized his weakness to women. Achu called him with mimicry of a women, introducing herself as Vijayalskshmi and asked him to come into a bank where she is working now. She (He) said about the the dress codes of her. He met a women with the same and tried to flirt with her, He was beaten by the the natives and he is admitted to the hospital.

The stupid S.I couldn’t find the culprits. Mean while Raji was tortured immensly, whenever she try to go office, her step mother demands to finish all house hold works before she leaves. That show how much she had to suffer in that home. The six, plans another trap for S.I. When all things going like this one morning is found dead in a near by pond. From this moment the movie twists and goes through the case enquiry.

Two CBI officers Rambhadran & Eeppan george, takes charge for the enquiry. And finally they finds out the culprit. Who is that? Find it out. Watch full movie. Brought to You By Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.