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Malayalam full movie Kilukkaampetti


Kilukkaampetti (1991) is a malayalam comedy n romantic family movie.  Starring Jayaram ,Innocent ,Saikumar ,Suchithra Krishnamoorthi ,Baby Shamili ,KPAC Lalitha & others. Directed by Shaji Kailas. Kilukkaampetti is a simple malayalam cinema, packed with the atmost sequences of comedy. The life a parent-less child is quite crucial in this modern life. Most of them have to face the bitter taste of life. And may end up in the dark of destiny. But there are some very lucky lives too, they get a second parents who loves them more than they wish.

This cases are rare. In this Jayaram movie the character names Chikku is such a girl. Another topic this Jayaram movie handles is about womanizers. Since the society and culture is subjected to change the definitions of so called affairs are also changing. Now the lover affairs are usually ending up in mess. Today’s relations are now like easy instant make out and instant break out. But in many cases the male is responsible for the break up.

He doesn’t ready to show the commitment and trust to the spouse. Most men are now thinking women as a time pass.More than bachelors now the married men are womanizers. In working places they gets closed to their female co-workers or friends.Thus the family equations ends up in unbalance.These two are the central themes highlighted in this malayalam cinema with the good combination of humour. Prakash Menon is a successful architect based in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

His company name is builder’s India.Prakash Menon a rich bachiler and having a friend named Mukundan, who is working in Ernakulam. In the first part we may see the so called romance of Prakash to his co-workers. But it’s excelled in a humorous manner. His company’s Kochi branch was not doing so good and so the company decided to relocate him to Kochi to make things good. He was supposed to replace his equivalent in Kochi named Anu Pillai .

Anu Pillai is not happy about the company’s decision since she does not want to move out of Kochi and she objects. Prakash in turn comes to Kochi, understands the office situation and decides to talk to Anu Pillai in person.Anu Pillai is living with her sister’s 8 year old kid called Chikkumol. Her mother Anu Pillai was gone for higher education in west. But after years her dead body came along with 6 month year old Chikku.

Chikku is very naughty and Anu Pillai is not able to get a caretaker for this kid as no caretaker is able to handle the kid. She tried many servants and caretakers but Chikku ran them all out. Prakash Menon meanwhile falls in love with Anu after seeing her in a shopping mall. He finds from his friend Mukundan that that Anu is in search of a caretaker.

Prakash Menon reaches Anu Pillai’s home and takes up the job under the name of Vasudevan with the intention of getting her to love him. What follows is some funny situations where Prakash has to take care of the kid, cook for the family and kids and also hide himself from those at his office. All these are taken in an excellent manner without loosing the humour a bit. On the other hand Anu Pillai has a crush to Raju, who is a multi millionaire and business man.

She is now in in pursuit of his building complex. Knowing about this Prakash lost his mind. But destiny was different. Anu realized the black & crooked face of Raju. He got a family already. Eventually Anu goes to Prakash Menon’s house to request him not to take charge in cochin and on seeing him understands that he had tricked her. Yes, this holds the crucial point.

Will Anu takes his love? Or will she think him same as Raju did?. One simple question. For the answer switch to full movie.