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Lalanam (1996) is a Malayalam family movie. Starring Jagathy Sreekumar ,Innocent ,NF Varghese ,Sidhique ,Shanthikrishna ,Vinaya Prasad ,Sukumari ,Baby Shamili ,Sankaradi ,Jose Pallisseri ,MS Thrippoonithura ,Trichur Elsy & others.

Lalanam Directed by Chandrasekharan. Lalanam says about the problems faced by a artificiality borned baby.Science is like a never ending flow of river. It keeps on updating, renovating and reinventing itself every moment and delights us with new sophisticated technology which provides us the options which never existed before.

But the fact that a certain procedure is technologically possible does not make it ethically right. There are some speed breakers where we should stop and analyze about the deep social impact of the latest developed technology before embracing it with open arms. In vitro fertilization technique is such a double edged sword. Here I have focused on some of the important ethical issues which compel us to think to draw a boundary on the random application of the useful technologies.

In this process the sperm of father and ovam of mother fused to be as a child in a dish, and later it is deposited into the uterus of a woman, and the child grows like a normal baby and comes out. The overwhelming media attention to ART implied ultimate control over sub fecundity, which may have unchained up reproductive intentions among sub fecund people and this desire may result in parents thinking the child as a possession instead of a gift.

In vitro fertilization turns children into commodities. Who will judge about giving birth of the children in this world, parents are free to decide but are they having the rights to obstruct the natural process? This is the central theme of this Innocent movie. Ammu is now a 10 year old girl. She was born to Vijayakumar & Shashikala by invveto fertilization. Mercy was her mother by birth. Sunny is Mercy’s husband.

The couples were childless for years and finally they decided to go for the artificial process. Dr. Unnithan was in charge of the surgery. The couples were happy except, their father and mother. Since they were Orthodox people. Like said in the intro they believed it to be non ethical. Rajendran was their family friend and a lawyer by profession. With his help Vijayakumar’s father put up some problems, which lead the life of that innocent baby into darkness.

They bribed Dr. Cheriyan,who was also working with Dr. Unnithan. He told Vijaykumar that therewas a failure in processing with fertilization and they used another Man’s sperm for it. Hence Ammu isn’t his child. He became so upset and he refused to take her to his family. Thus the case started to roll over in courts to courts for years. The media also given them a good attention. Since Sunny was a greedy man, he wished get more money from Vijaykumar for looking after her.

Unnithan affirmed in court that there was no mistake or error in the process. Finally the court has ordered to handle the child to Viajakumar.Shahikala was so happy with Ammu. Viajyakumar’s attitude also started to change. But soon it turned into upside down. Vijayakumar got into an accident. And all cursed Ammu for her bad luck. Vijaykumar handed over her to a boarding school, but she skipped from there and joined back to Sunny’s family.

Again Vijayakumar took her from there, and planned to hand over her to a foreign couple, who are childless. Mean while A guy called Vinu mistook her as his lost sister Vidya, he spent time with her.When these things goes by, one day Ammu was slipped from the stiar case while handling over to the couples. She was admitted to the hospital. So what may happen to her? will the destiny has any thing special for her? Will she be accepted by Vijaykumar? Find out, watch full Innocent movie “Lalanam”.