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Malayalam full movie Namboothiri Yuvavau @ 43


Namboothiri Yuvavau @ 43” is a Malayalam semi dramatic family movie.  Directed by Mahesh Sharma. Starring Maniyanpilla Raju, Tini Tom, Nandu, Thanushree Raghuram, Sreedevi Unni, Suresh Menon and others. In single sense “Namboothiri Yuvavau @ 43” is more than just a Maniyanpilla Raju movie. It’s an detailed analysis of the present social culture, which is more over whelmed in this so called new generation. Like title, it says about the life of middle aged Bachelor, Jayanthan. Jayanthan is a priest in the native temple.

The character of Jayanthan has successfully drawn by Maniyanpilla Raju. Jayanthan has a mother and married sister, Subhadra. Her husband is Govindan. But she doesn’t show much interest in his marriage. He was keep trying to get married. But because of age and profession problems his marriage goes to infinity.His mother was so much desperate and sad about his son’s marriage. Like Mammootty’s “Chronic Bachelor” this too handles a the story of bachelor.

But the bachelor in this malayalam cinema is very eager for a marriage. Unlike most of the other bachelor mood movies, this malayalam cinema has a 100% family content. Jayanthan has got a genuine friend’s circle. His college mates. Shyam who is a professional photographer. Suresh who is a politician and present youth welfare Minister in Kerala. Thomas, who is a Doctor. Tharun is a charming senior Medical representative and he is font off with woman. Aliyar is Jayanthan’s friend. “Namboothiri Yuvavu @43” starts in this character back up.

This malayalam cinema starts with Jayanthan’s marriage proposal. Most girls demands a new generation husband. He forgets his sorrow only when, with the get together of friends. All of his friends are having a married life. He was too eager to tie a knot. So he never gives up. Finally Dr. Thomas remembers about a girl, who is in an Orphanage. her name is Sanma. Luckily she agrees for the marriage. Jayanthan thought his life of dream journey has just geared up.

But he was wrong. After marriage whenever he approaches her she seemed to be scared of him. He thought it’s because she not like him. You may see some tips and tweaks by Jayanthan to attract her. But all his efforts stays in vain. She still stays uninterested. .He talks about this to his friends too. He thought changing his profession and dress code might have an effect on her. So he left from the Temple. And started as Medical representative.

Where Tharun is his senior. On the other hand he was a traitor and a cheat, he finds pleasure with married woman, who are staying separate. We may see this type of so called “Interesting Personalities” in society. Unfortunately this social insects still persists undisturbed. Maniyanpilla Raju movie “Namboothiri Yuvavau @ 43” is a a reminder about these folks. Like said in the commencement. Lets back in to story, whatever Jayanthan do, she does not change the attitude.

The interesting fact in here is whatever happens he doesn’t use force in her. Finally he realizes that she is suffering from a stress disorder. At last Dr. Thomas revealed the ultimate tragedy which lead her to this mind state. So what was it? What may be Jayanthan’s attitude to her after hearing the truth? Is any twist awaits? find more , switch to this Maniyanpilla Raju movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.