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Malayalam Full Movie Neelathamara


Watch Evergreen malayalam full movie neelathamara ; “neelathamara” (1979) is a Malayalam evergreen classic Romantic movie, starring Ravikumar, Sathar, Bahadoor, Kuthiravattom Pappu, Bhavani, Shanthadevi, Ambika, Vijayalakshmi Ambika & others. Directed by Yusuf Ali Kecheri. neelathamara means Blue Lotus. Neelatharamara is one of the classic romantic hits in Malayalam cinematography. Movie is simple in sense. But has flashed an over view of low cast woman’s life in the old decades, may be now also continues.

In old days the out cast female servants had a very pathetic life. The upper cast had used them for their personal desires. They couldn’t stand against them. So always they bowed their heads to their commands without a spill of word. In this movie the story line is similar. Kunjimalu is the out girl we are talking about. She had lost her mother and now with her grandmother.She had siblings too. Their father married again and he was not bothered about them.

Her cousin Keshavan wished to marry her. But since he was too rough minded she didn’t like her. Kizhakumpadam is a famous upper class family in a village, Malukkuttiyamma was living alone in there. They had very much land and it’s yielding. Her son Haridas was doing his graduation in town.He was a typical bachilor and font off with girls. Achuthan Nair is the care taker of the land. Kuttishankaran is Achuthan’s child hood friend.friend. Appu is Haridas’s uncle. His daughter in Ratnam. Ammini is Kunjimalu’s friend.

Movie starts with intro of Kizhakumpadam house. Where Malukkuttiyamma and Achuthan Nair in a usual chat. Since she is very old and in need of servant he was in pursuit a servant. But it was hard to find a girl with same caste, so finally they decided to go for an out cast. It’s how Kunjimalu came into the scene. Days passed and Haridas came after his studies. As usual stories he started flirting with her. He asked her to came to his bed room at night. She was terrified and confused.

She hadn’t the courage to say about this to Malukkuttiyamma. She didn’t go. Next day again he pressure her tocome at night. But she didn’t go. The tittle ‘Neelathamara”” has a significance in movie. If some one prayed on temple with a rupee in devotion with a wish in mind, the next day there shows a blue lotus on temple pond. That means his or her wish will be full filled. So she done the same , and she saw the blue lottus. So she thought she might marry him. So she decided to go night. The rest of the story you may imagine. This happened frequently.

But she was being cheated. When he got job in city and he gone, he forgot everything purposefully also he started an affair with Ratnam. As usual the marriage between them had fixed. He don’t care about Kunjimalu anymore. Kunjimalu don’t complained to anyone. He tears became her complaint. On the other hand Kunjimalu’s friend Ammini had an relationship with her brother in law. The days passed and Ratnam realized the hidden love story of Kunjimalu. There started the conflict between her and Haridas. Malukuttiyamma asked Kunkjimalu to leave and she give some money too. But next day they heard a bad news.

A woman has drowned temple pond. Was it Kunjimalu? Is this the ultimate destiny of an outcast? See the ful movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.”