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Malayalam Full Movie Oru Kada Oru Nunakkadha


Oru Kadha Oru Nunakkadha” (1986) is a Malayalam Funny Family movie.Directed by Mohan. Starring Innocent, Mammootty, Nedumudi Venu, Madhavi. Oru Kada Oru Nunakkadha Movie is a funny portrayal of a typical bachilour who is living in self builded image. Appu is a unemployed young man, who came to chennai for seeking fortune. He always dreams to become a good shot in life. But he don’t get any.

Amminikutty is a stenographer in a company. She got a lost child hood. Sujatha & Balan are Appu’s friends, where he spends his most times. Mohan das is Amminikutty’s relative. Appu is a very intelligent guy in putting up stories to keep hi so called image within the fraction of time. You may experience his intelligence throughtout.

Oru Kada Oru Nunakkadha starts in an Office scene. In the intro Appu is a highly reputed business man. But ITS JUST A DREAM. The next shot is Appu meets Amminikutty in a Public telephone booth. He makes a fake phone call and frames himself as a technical super visor in Industrial department. She got impressed. After she gone he makes the real calls and begs to some one for job. In the next shot the movie goes to a Cinema Theater. Where Amminikutty and her friend comes to see a movie.

Appu manages to get two tickets and he tactically gives to them to build a good fame. In the next scene he goes to Amminikutty’s hostel and tells a fake story again to grab the sympathy. He tell that one of her hostel mate has the face cut of his sister who passed away year ago. On the next day Appu goes for an interview and accidentally he see Amminikutty, she was the steno grapher. His all framed story gone in to flames. But Amminikutty forgives him.And they both becomes close.

The mammootty movie goes from this thread.Mean while Mohan Das enters the sequence. Appu feels very frustrated and he realizes that Mohan Das loving her. From that moment he starts making issues between them. Will he succeeds in it? or Gets flop? then what else? See the full movie for the answers. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.”