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Malayalam full movie Oru Yathramozhi


Oru Yaathramozhi (1997) is a Malayalam dramatic family full movie. Starring Mohanlal ,Sivaji Ganesan ,Nedumudi Venu ,Ranjitha ,Thilakan ,MG Soman ,Maniyanpilla Raju ,NF Varghese ,Jayaraj Warrier ,VK Sreeraman ,Bharathi & others. Directed by Prathap Pothan. Oru Yatramozhi mean “a word at the departure”. With the tremendous combo of Sivaji & Mohanlal. It attains the best out of all in it’s class. There are only a few movies in Malayalam, which are acted by Sivaji.

The life of a fatherless being in this typical society is too hard. This subject was handled by some movies too. This is the central highlight of Oru Yatramozhi. This is to suggest that in contexts where a father figure is absent, a family is more likely to produce children who suffer from social, educational and legal deficiencies which can manifest in some rather devastating ways. The problem of illegitimacy is a significant indicator of the challenges which will be faced by certain children.

Those who are born to single mothers not only lack access to many of the psychological needs fulfilled by an effectively compassionate male figure but will also miss the practical needs which are addressed by the presence of a two parent home. The after effect of such childhood are not much good. The continuous irritation and torture from his or her family members and friends makes the child go worse this is the central idea of this Malayalam cinema.

In Yaatramozhi Govindankutti is that fatherless being. His mother Gouri was fell in love with a tamil contractor who had came in her native for sand business. But because of family finacial problems and pressure from fatherhe was forced to leave her and marry another woman for a good dowry. But he never know that she got pregnanat and gave birth to a son. Hence she was a aristocratic family, all turned against her including her two elder brother Parameshwaran Nair together with his brother in law.

They took her our from home. But her cousin Appukkuttan helped her to find a shelter in a Anandhasubramanyam’s illam. She give birth to Govindankutty in there and he grown up in there. Anandasubramanyam’s son Raghu and sister were the only relatives according to him. He grown up bearing all the foul hesitations from every one. Nandhini is his cousin and she had a crush to him. She wanted to get married with him too.

But the family members were not ready for that. Govindankutty grown up with immense rage to his father, and he’d kept a knife to stab him on the moment seeing him. But his mother was awaiting for his return and she worried about his son as well. Govindankutty has a tractor of a living and Raghu is helping hand. He took it for loan from bank. Meanwhile his father Anandasubramanyam taken the sand contract by skipping puthan purakkal chandrankunju off.
So he is now back again to see her. But he never knowing about his son.Chandrankuju and his political gang tried to put him back. But they couldn’t. Govindankutty accidentally met him one night, and he joined with him. Father joined with Son with the string of destiny. This is the beauty of the movie. The rest is their whereabouts with the breeze of a beautiful tamil song. The days passed.
One night Govindankutty was attacked by some criminals sent by Gouri’s relatives and he got admitted to hospital. In that incident Raghu got killed. Anandasubramanyam realizd the truth from Appukkuttan, but before he meet Gouri she passes away. Nandhini’s marriage was fixed by relatives discarding her opposition. And finally he changed her mind. Subramanyam decided to say about him before he goes off. The final day has come. What may happen? Will he forgive him? Or? See the movie “Oru Yatramozhi” and reveal it.