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Palangal (1982) movie is a Malayalam romantic n drama. Starring Bharath Gopi, Nedumudi Venu, Shankar, Bahadoor, K.P.A.C Lalitha, Zarina Wahab, Adoor Bhavani & others.To be precise we may consider this Nedumudi Venu movie as a two phase love story. The destiny is some time very cruel to us.Some time the happiness of life is driven out by Destiny and some times it’s driven in by destiny. We feel it so cruel in the matter of married couples or love birds. We have heard many stories like lossing the bellowed ones in the mishaps.If both are gone at the same instance it would be much fair. But in the occasions in which one is gone leaving the other behind is too painful.

In this so called new generations, the love is mean to be instant make out and instant break out. But there are some exceptions too. Which are too much rare. In the Nedumudi Venu movie Palangal (The tracks) there is a couple, Usha & Ravi. Ravi is working in Indian railways. Usha is in a spinning mill. Both were in tough romance. Her sister is Usha, Usha’s sister Vasumenon is working as engine driver in railway. In olden times as there was steam engine driven trains. So the coal was the fuel. Ramankutty was his co-worker.

Ramankutty is a good fellow and always keen to obey his mother. Vasu was not a complete husband. He was an acting good husband. He had relation with so many women, but kept secret. Usha’s parents were lost long ago.Movie starts with the intro of Usha, sitting disappointing and crying in the railway station.Yes, it starts with flash back of Usha & Ravi. Like said both loved each other very much. And eagerly wished to get married. But in an accident Ravi lost his breath. She could not bear the loss of her lover, she decided to go to her Sister’s house. That departure is the intro of the Nedumudi Venu movie.

She reaches and asks the way to her house to Ramankutty. Ramankutty feels impressed in her on the very next moment from seeing her. Geetha felt very relaxed when she saw her coming, she was carrying too. They shared their life sorrows. Geetha consoles her for her loss. In the evening Vasu came after his shift. His eyes felt sparkling on seeing her. After some time his fiends along with Ramankutty come to his home.
In evening they plays card and hav liquor. But it was not a mess. The next moment movie goes into some dramatic seens. Vasu tries to be “romantic” with Usha. Usha feels so disgusting and disappointed. She ran to her sister for a releif from her mental agony. But still it persists. That was due to the stone heart of her brother in law. He was supposed to be his brother, but he behaves like romeo. A cruel romeo.

Mean while Ramankutty and Usha gets close. Usha finds a good man in Ramankutty. He takes her to home to show his mother and so on. At the same time Vasu feels frustrated when seeing the new couples. He opposed the proposal for no reason. He started planning to kill Ramankutty. And one day he find him siting in a track alone, with a boggy wheel nearby. His blck mind awakened.So what may happen?

In this malayalam cenema Will Usha loss her last hope? Is destiny too cruel? Watch full malayalam cenema Palangal , brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.