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Malayalam full movie Rapid Action Force


Rapid Action Force (2000) is a malayalam action movie.  Starring Kalabhavan Mani ,Rajan P Dev ,Bheeman Raghu ,Sidhique ,Devan ,Baburaj ,Kollam Thulasi ,Risabava ,Vani Viswanath ,Vineetha,Anusha ,Shanthadevi ,Trichur Elsy ,Priyanka ,Philomina & others.

Typically this KalabhavanMani movie Rapid Action Force talks about a criminal activity and it’s uprooting by police.A criminal can be defined as a person who has committed a crime. It does not matter whether one has committed a crime once or numerous times. Offences that may make one qualify to be called a criminal may include, robbery with violence, murder and so on. One may wonder why is it that some people have the habit of continually committing such crimes while others don’t? Is it a matter of inheriting some genes from the family or is it one’s on desire to do so?

These questions and many more are some reasons that have brought about a fiery argument from the subject of criminology in the expedition to find the source of criminal behaviour in our society today and also ways of dealing with such kind of behaviour in our society.criminals are not born but made because of certain conditions in their lives. Committing crime is definitely not something one is born with, but gradually over time it takes place because of certain situations or circumstances that life throws at a person.

Things like child abuse, unemployment, and the environment in which one grows up, makes a criminal. Children who have been abused are more likely to grow up to be criminals because they grow up with a large amount of hate that they do not know how to deal with. One way to cope with the way they feel is to be violent towards everybody else.

In this Kalabhavan Mani movie Rapid action force there has drawn a picture about the birth of a criminal named Kargil Gouse from Alex Fernandez. He was a loving brother and comparably a good being. He was living for his sister Sherly. He was working for Koshi Nainaan, who was a spirit dealer. He was very influential and rich too. But he was a beast in heart. One day he molested Sherly on her birthday and she left her brother writing a letter.

The red face brother rushed toward Koshi. But Koshi’s hing men beat him brutally and he was admitted to the hospital. In there he met a Kung fu master who’s brother was killed by Koshi. They joined together and planned to fought back and they forms a gangster crew as well. and to take revenge this is the hidden flash back of the Kalabhavan Mani movie. The so called Kargil gouse becomes blind with revenge.

He starts his crime record by kidnapping 6 college girls. He later shipped them to Kokatha for prostitution. Followed by he bombed Shenayi, who was the partner of Koshi, to death. He was a musician too, and he smuggled gold and diamonds with each national and international events. On the next day they kidnapped Koshi’s daughter Smitha. Gouse took the revenge on her and send her back to Koshi. SInce the police enquiry was messed up, the activists has charged with their protests.

Knowing this, Kargil gouse kidnapped Vasanthakumari, who was a protester and molested her. When the call for CBI enquiry was toning up, government appointed Aditya Varma IPS and her team Rapid Action force to investigation.Her team included Sharp shooter Arjun, Khalid, Vijayan, pooja and others, a total of 15 members. They set their target. Mean while Gouse nad Gang planned for a bank robbery for that the mumbai under world criminal Dhakkur’s help was being requested by Gouse, so he send his 3 hing men along with Sikandar

But there were killed accidentally by detonating their own bomb, Gouse killed Koshi and Robbed the bank. Aditya and crew spotted his hidden place. And in the final struggle Aditya Varma slaughtered all the criminals and arrested Gouse. He was imprisoned for 10 years, now he is released and he is up to with his revenge. Aditya Varma is now a house wife, she is living with her 10 year old son Vishnu and Husband.

So how will Kargil gousetake his revenge Back? Find it out, watch Malayalam full movie Rapid Action Force .