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Saandram (1990) is a Malayalam romantic movie. Directed by Ashokan & Thaha. Starring Suresh Gopi ,Innocent ,Saikumar ,Captain Raju ,Parvathy ,Ranjini ,Praseeda ,Mamukoya ,Kuthiravattam Pappu ,Jagadeesh ,NL Balakrishnan ,Master Twinku ,Master Badusha. “The mental illness has a way of wanting to direct the movement of the relationship, rather than the individual partners”. Having a mental illness shouldn’t keep you from enjoying fulfilling relationships of all kinds, from close friendships to romantic relationships and even marriage.

Mental illness is fairly common. In reality, there are many people with mental health conditions in loving and nurturing relationships who share their lives with their partners, often raising families with them. Romantic relationships can be enriching, delightful and meaningful, but negotiating the ups and downs of such relationships can also be a major challenge, especially for those with a mental illness.Each partner brings many things, both strengths and limitations, to their relationships.

Living with a mental illness may be your particular challenge. You are wise to be concerned in advance how you might affect your partner, but it is important to realize that hard times are a part of all relationships. Partners who care for each other can grow from facing difficulty.If you have been dating a while, however, and are starting to become exclusive or serious, or if you’re talking about moving in or getting married, you should definitely talk with your partner about your mental illness if you haven’t already.

Keeping a mental illness a secret from a romantic partner may harm your relationship in irreparable ways. If your illness is out in the open, you and your partner can work together to improve your life. In this Malayalam cinema, the main portrayal is about the mental weakness of a wife which was due to her past bitter life experience. Indulekha and Sreeram are young couples. Now there into Ooty for their romantic honeymoon.

This whole Suresh gopi movie is stretching through their moments in there. Annamma and Poulo are another couple who came along with their children Ukru, Kariyachan, Sofu and Dog Seesar. Abdu is a local guy making his living by diving into the deep of water to grab the losts of tourists.. Markose is a guide. This is the starting story line of the movie. In the first part we may see some romantic moments of couple.

Sree Raman and Indulekha loves a lot each other.Poulo is a business man, who is running a match box factory. Both families shared their vacation together. Annamma invited them to join for dinner every night. While things are going smooth like this, one night Poulo said a terrific story about his grand father. His crazy drive in the dark, and he moment when he saw a ghost.

At this moment some think got shocked in Indu’s mind and she broken out. That was quite unexpected for her husband. But he thought it was just a shock. But on the following day when Poulo slaughtered a chicken or lunch, she again became irritated. This time Sr ram lost his tempera and quarrelled with her. There is something finishing hte flash back of Indu. We may feel it at this moment. The story line has some funny moments in the middle too.

One day a mysterious man came into ooty. Police got suspicious on him. Heagain spotted in a footage, in which he was seen as trying to stab Indu. So the mystery unfolds here. who is that guy/ What’s the mysterious flash back of Indu? What will happened to her? Find out watch full movie Saandram .