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Malayalam full movie Sipayilahala


Sipayi Lahala (1995) is a Malayalam romantic comedy movie.  Starring Sreenivasan ,Mukesh ,Vijayaraghavan ,Vani Viswanath, N.F Varghese, and others. Directed by Vinayan.

Sipayi is the hindi word meaning the peon. A typical bachelor frames himself as the manager of an exporting company and to impress his uncle to get married with his daughter. And the funny teaks and twists he ought to do to sustain it. This is the central idea of the Sreenivasan movie Sipayi Lahala . The two types of people highlighted in this Sreenivasan movie Sipayi Lahala . are the liers and the womanisers.

Some people are always puts up lies and framed stories to create the impression by the other people. The act of lying is hard for one to resist. It is so easy for one to lie or doublespeak without thinking of the consequences or about the person you are lying to. In life it is hard to trust and believe that someone is honest to you because it is so easy to lie and there are many ways to lie. What is a womanizer you ask? A womanizer is a man who has sexual relations with a women just to pleasure and please himself There are two types of womanizers, players and cheaters. One should be respected and the other should remain despised.

For certain men, the challenge of seducing different women is far more interesting than the actual pursuit of a long-term romantic relationship. Such a man is known as a womanizer,A womanizer generally considers himself to be both a ladies’ man and a man’s man, maintaining an atmosphere of mystique and sophistication. He may surround himself with other male players or a support posse, but he clearly exudes a superior level of self-confidence bordering on vanity and self-absorption.

A womanizer often wears the most stylish clothing, drives a sporty vehicle and flashes expensive jewelry, all in an effort to impress single women in trendy nightclubs or meat markets. Anyway in this movie we can a rich womanizer, Ramanadhan who is the Managing Director of Britoli Exports. He is still a bachelor and he is font off with many women. He passes his time in office by chatting with lady staffs. even though he is a good business man.

Rajendran is just a peune and he always frames himself as the manager of Britoli exports ti his natives and relatives. He had a Mother and Sister. In his office, he always frames himself as a highly reputed employee. He was in love affair with Radhika who was his uncle’s daughter.daughter. Ravi was his cousin, and a rich planter. He also planned to marry her. He spread the news in the village about Rajendran’s Peon life.

So ever one called him ‘Britoli’. Rajendran asked for help from Appukkuttan who was his senior in office and also his friend. He boosted M.D with the beauty of Radhika. And he promised to have a night with her. He arranged a reception too. So he promoted Rajendran as the Manager. On the very next day his uncle and wife came for the “inspection” and they got impressed. Thus the marriage gone well.

From then the headache started, M.D started to ask Appukuttan to arrange the function. With the help of Narayanan a drama artist he arranged a women names Sajitha to act as Rajendran’s wife. At the party night, Ramanadhan taken her to his room and tried for a romance. But she resisted and told him all the truth.He got angry, and he decided to teach them a lesson. At night while Narayanan was taking her back Ramanadan’s hing men kidnapped her.

And the police started to chance Rajendran & Appukkuttan. Mean while Varma,in who’s troop Sajitha’s mother was being working,claimed himself as her father. But his intention was different. So from all sides Rajendran Appukkuttan got screwed. While things are going like this, Radhika got kidnapped. All these things come into a mess. So what may be the climax? Who kidnapped Radhika and why? Will Rajendran & Appukutan resolve their so called headaches?

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