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Malayalam full movie SURABHEE YAAMANGAL


Surabheeyamangal” (1986) is a Malayalam dramatic classic movie. Directed by Ashok Kumar. Starring Ratheesh Balan K Nair, Kuthiravattom Pappu, Jagathy Sreekumar, Sukumaran, Seema & others. Surabheeyamangal says about the lives of people in Mumbai. To be more precise about the girls. As we have heard in today’s papers many many young buds are pulled to Mumbai offering a good life style and thick wallet. But most of them gets in o the deep pit of molesters and Brothels.

If we get in to an investigation we may find that 99% of the woman who are living like this are pulled by circumstances and cheating. Like otherwise it become as a fly trap. In Surabheeyamangal ,there draws the picture of a girl who loved a man, and unfortunately lost her everything. Suma is the girl.She is in love affair with Murali. Who is an educated unemployed fellow. Her sister, Sumitha. Sumitha’s husband, Suresh.

Their 10 year old daughter Sruthi. Johny is a Medical representative in Mumbai. Woman is a craze for him. Pokar is a tea boy, who got a sister both’d lost parents long ago. This is the character line up of movie. The Ratheesh movie starts with Mumbai Railway station. Where Murali arrives quenching for a job. Murali & Johny are friends too. Both goes to Johny’s room in a quarters. Johny is a casual brothel visitor and font off with woman.

Actually he was not like that. He got a love failure. He loved a girl too deep and hard, but when she come to his room he saw shabby life style of Johny she lost her mind. And changed her mind. Thus he lost all his belief in woman.Thus he became like that. This gives another phase of life , some people are born to be as criminals. But some are roasted to such phase.

On the other hand you may see a very happy family life of Suresh & Sumitra. Suma gets a proposals, but she rejects each with silly reasons. One day Sumitra gets a giddiness. While the blood checking the news of fate came to Suresh’s ears. That is she is got blood cancer. That was more than a hurricane to that family. Everything gone down. He tried to hide it from her. But came to know about it accidentally.

One day morning she died.After some days Sumi’s parents told her to marry Suresh. She rejected that too. Eventually Murali came back and takes her with him. But unluck was following them like a shadow. By the reach Mumbai Johny was gone for a training to Calcutta. And Pokker had gone for his sister’s marriage. They got attacked by a bunch of taxi crubs. A rich fellow named Mathew came on the scene. And rescued them.

He take to nearby lodge and left. Actually he was an high profile brothel owner. He got interested in Sumi. So he tactically managed them to his mansion. He send Murali with a letter to his friend’s company. But it was only a trick to get rid of him. By the time Sumi realized the real picture of Mathew. Murali had left. The brutality of fate was the first person who molested her was Johny it self.

He went on searching for Murali. When Murali came back he heard she was gone from there. Johny found him in a deserted place. He take him. He came to know about Sumi. He felt very dissapointed. He rushed to Mathew’s brothel to rescue her. Massive fight went on. So what may be the end? Will Murali shall be ready to accept her? Will he forgive Johny? Find out more. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.