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Thalamura (1993) is a Malayalam dramatic movie, Directed by K. Madhu. Starring Mukesh, Narendra Prasad, Madhu, Bheeman Raghu, N. F Varghese, and others. Thalamura handles the story of a rowdy ( A boisterous Person). Who is a dead drunk and total nuisance to his belloweds.His name was Mundakkal Martin. His father was Marckose. Who was also a rowdy. Thomas is his elder brother who is a contractor. Their mother had died long ago.

This Malayalam cinema goes through Martin. Since his Mother died long ago and his father very much loved him, his character changed drastically. He always came home drunk. His elder brother and family never liked him. But at all time his father supported him lot.Whatever the issues he made, his father never hated him. Even though he was a nuisance to his family, his native people and friends liked him, since he solved many of their problems.

Especially he saved many girls from the hands of molesters. And so on. Velappan is a Lorry driver. Appukuttan is martin’s friend. Juli is THomas’ 12 year old daughter. Sreelakshmi is from a aristocratic Namboothiri family. Her parents died long ago and her uncle’ was Bhadran namboothiri , his sons were Vishnu & Krishnan. Since she was the holder of a huge share in their family, they never allowed her to get married, And they played a fowl game too.

This Malayalam cinema starts with a flash back. Martin is in prison and sentenced for hanged till death. So why? thats the question, and the movie is the answer. And the movie flash back starts. First in the movie scene we may see the issues and problems made by Martin. He makes problem in a Temple Festival which were hosted by Sreelakshmi’s family, also he saved her from an Elephant. The movie starts in this taste.

Even if Thomas was educated and rich he was too backward in culture. He as font off with woman who comes to work in the work sit. He tactically traps the beautiful ones. One day a girl was missing. And every one rushed to Thomas. Martin tactically saves his brother and he bags money for it. Sreelakshmi realizes that her life is going to end in the walls. She skipped from home with the help of a servant.

Martin takes her back home, but they refused to take her back. Thus the “Rowdy Martin’ decided to go for a married life. Days gone she became pregnant, but that don’t changed the attitude of him, even if he loved her lot, he loved the liquor more. The movie gets more dramatic face. Sreelakshmi dies with the birth the child. Her uncle plans to have the child since he is a amateur wealth . In the climax they get into a fight and what may happen in the climax? How Martin get in to Jail? Where is the Child? for more , watch the full movie, Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.