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Aadyathe Anuraagam (1983) is a Malayalam dramatic family movie. Directed by VS Nair . Starring Prem Nazeer ,MG Soman ,Adoor Bhasi ,Ramu ,Ambika S ,Sukumari & others. Title means,’The First love’. Love, is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. Love means different things for different people and there are numerous types of love.Love is an extremely common word in all cultures, yet everyone’s definition is different.

Love is a word of commitment, devotion, and affection. Love brings many people heartache and pain, as well as happiness and passion.Many young people take the word love for granted. Love is not a game, and it is most definitely not something to play with. Love has to deal with ones attachment for another. Many feelings and concerns are all mixed up in that one little four-letter word. Men and women should never tell someone they love them if they don’t.

But it all turns in to vein when some one cheats our trust. We all are social animals we all wanted love. We deeply wishes it from the ones we loved. But if they purposefully cheats us, we have no choice left. In some cases the dark past of our spouse will hunt our family lives. But it cannot be described in the scale of cheating. It’s just fate. In this Prem Nazeer movie, ‘Aadyathe Anuragam’ we could see a couple Shyamala & Suresh.

They are just married and stepping in to the dreams of life. But their life was not that romantic as expected. Just like mentioned above Shyamala has a very dark past. When she was working in a office, she was called to the M.D’s cabin (Thampi) in a late evening and given with a pilled tea. She got into a deep sleep and she lost everything and she got pregnant. But her mother forced her to marry Dr. Suresh.

She threatened that she will commit suicide if she don’t.On the very first night Shyamala told her husband about the disaster in her life. He got angry, but since his father was a cardiac patient he decided to kept this secret inside the walls. They started with a acting – life. Both behaved very much caring and romantic in front of others including Suresh’s friend Jayan & his wife Sushama. He was a straight forward police officer,hence he invited the rage of anti socials. On the other hand things started to change.

Suresh accepted Shyamili and his boy “Raju”. This is called the change of pace. Their started living in the shadows of love and happiness. In the sand of love they buried the dark memories of past. But destiny was not that good to them. Thampi’s hinge men murdered Sushamam & kidnapped ‘Rajumon’, Thampi demanded Shyamaili to come for him. Suresh & Jayan starts their pursuit for them. The Prem NazeerMovie pulls into a action-dramatic climax. Will Rajumon be saved? What will be the destiny of Shyamili/ Watch full Prem Nazeer movie Aadyathe Anuraagam .