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Malayalam romantic-family classic movie “Yaatra”


“Yaatra” (The Journey, 1985) is a Malayalam romantic-family classic movie. Starring Mammootty,Shobhana,Adoor Bhasi,Thilakan,Nahas,Sunny,Achankunju,Kunchan,Azeez,Alummoodan,K. P. A. C. Sunny,T. R. Omana,Anju,Manohar,P.R. Menon,Baby Preethi,K.R. Savithri,Sreerekha,Master Vimala and others. Directed by Balu Mahendra. ‘Yaatra” is one of out standing diamond category movies in Malayalam movie history. With it’s unique script and tremendous art of direction. The important poin tto remember is it’s a movie in the 80’s.

The song “thannannam thaanannam thaalathiladi” is one of biggest in Malayalam hit songs. The veteran musician Ilayraja has done his composition in all time epic manner. Like the title , its says about the life-journey of a man His happiest moments and the straight drive to disasters and mis-fortunes.fortunes. Unnikrishnan is a forest range officer. He is an orphan too. His school friend is Balan.

They were thick friends. Besides like brothers too. After getting the government job Unni left home. But their friendship remained boundless. Thulasi is typical village girl. She lost her mother in child hood. She is with her father now. He is working in a tea estate. in Arunagiri. On the salary day he drinks a lot, but he loved his daughter very much. Devasya is also a staff in forest guard. This is the intro line of movie ‘Yatra”

Lets dive in to the movie. Movie “Yaatra” story drawn as a flashback. A crew of children were going for an excursion along with a priest. On the way they’ve given list to a stranger who is shabbily dressed. The priest asked him why he were so disappointed and where he going to? After so many queries he started to unfold his story. his story life. He is our hero, Unnikrishnan. Unni got transferred to Arunagiri as a forest guard about 10 years back. Since he was a bachelor he was not familiar with the day today life.

You may see some funny moments in the first part. Mean while Thulasi and unni gets attached together. She feels so sympathetic when hearing his story. Thus all were going good, Her father agreed for their marriage too. He insisted to go to see Balan himself and to invite for marriage, Unni departured saying that he will come back soon. But when he reached his home, he realized that he is no more, he died due to a cardiac arrest. He consoled his weeping mother. He returned with half mind, but on the way police arrested because he had the face cut of criminal. He got immensely tortured in police station. He tried to escape from police station, but unfortunately a police Constable got killed in the struggle. He is sentenced for 12 years in jail.

In jail Thulasi came to see him, he wrote her to marry some one. and never come to see him. Now this Journey is to the same place to see her.But there was a surprise waiting for him. What was that? see this tremendous classic cinematography and reveal it. Brought to you by Hot N sour entertainment Company