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Priyam vadaykoru Pranaya Geetham


Priyam vadaykoru Pranaya Geetham” (1986) is a Malayalam romantic movie. Starring Rahman, Baby Shalini, nadiya Moidu and others. The single line review for the “Priyam vadaykoru Pranaya Geetham” is “Simply the best”. Yes it’s truely an Heart Touching Baby Shalini movie. The script is really outstanding compared to the 80’s.

The Baby Shalini Movie says about the real depth and fire of true friendship which is enormous. It’s likely very intense script but screened in a breezy manner It’s 100% pure friendship story. Vijay is a very rich guy, and font off with dance. He lost his parents too. Raghu is his deep close friend. His wife is Janaki. Their 10 year old daughter is Priya. Vijay very much liked Priya, she was like daughter to her. He was very close to the family. Raj is a professional dancer. Sheela is a social activist and a singer. The Baby Shalini Movie starts in this story line.

Like mentioned, the first part of “Priyam vadaykoru Pranaya Geetham” glorifies the daughterly love of Vijay towards Priya. He wakes her up from sleep and he is the one who is making her sleep. he feeds her , dances with her, roams with her so and so. Priya was so close to him more than any one. One day both went to see a dance program of Raj. After his performance he challenges every one to compete with him. Upon the press of Priya , Vijay agreed to compete.

As usual he burst him. After that incident Raj lost his programs. Not that also the same programs de-routed to Vijay. But Vijay was not interested in Professional dancing. So he don’t mind them. But he done some performances for charity foundations. He became very famous too. Mean while Raj became so envy, once he send a bunch of criminals too. Vijay got admitted to hospital in the mishap. But after from hospital he took the revenge back.

Days passed Raghu’s stem mother came to him after many years. She don’t like Vijay. She insulted him. He lost his mind. He decided never to come back. He left the house. When Raghu came back he understood the reality. He scolded his step mom and he apologized to Vijay. Things returned goo again. One day Sheela came to visit Vijay , he got surprised because she was looking exactly the same. He felt love to her.

There starts the romantic phase of Vijay. But everything came to an end soon. Janaki dies in an car accident. But Raghu kept this a s secret. Knowing this Vijay asked Sheela to become as her mother. Which is the biggest sacrifice.So what may be the climax? Will Priya get back her mother? Watch full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.