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Thadavarayile Raajaakkanmaar” (1989) is a romantic n crime thriller. Directed by P Chandrakumar. Starring Sidhique , Abhilasha and others. Thadavarayile Raajaakkanmaar, the Kings in the Caves is a blended crime movie with romance. The story may be appeared to be a bit strange. But the execution is perfect, even if it’s a 80’s Malayalam cinema .The womanizers are always very frustrated people.

They are peculiar in attitude to the married couples. Especially in the case of Bachelors. In many place we can see these humiliations and harassment’s. If we off to a tourist spot there will be some people who are interested to cut the buds. In most times the couples usually go into fights with them. Cafe’s, Movie theaters, Mall every where they are present. They finds pleasure in disturbing them. They don;t care the feelings of them. They just want to spent there time. In some groups there Will be criminal minded folks who wants to molest women. Which invites a great trouble to couples.

Laws are there to tackle down these. But not much effective. Most of these groups will be connected to gangsters and smugglers. so they holds a good force in politics and police force. hence no one is dare to touch them. We have heard many newses and incidents because of these social insects. But no one pays much attention to them. Which leads to the pathetic problems.

In this Sidhique movie the story is about the problems faced by a couple Stella and Jaison from a bunch of criminals in a honey moon spot. Malayalam cinema & Movie infos unfolds with a flash back. A Foreign man called Jackson fell in love with an Indian princess Parvathy; Her father killed him and she committed suicide. This happened in a palace near the lake. The whole move is framed to be happening in there.

In the first part we can see all the romantic stuff from the couples. Jaison and Stella loved each other a lot. Their romantic moments breezed with new sun shine. One day when their booking time was over, they forced to shift in to Quarters number :13.In which the old murder was occurred. Stella was scared a lot but Jaison took it in ease. One night some people came and hit Jaison and took her.

Police came to the spot. Jaison’s friend Tom was in charge. Within few days her body was found in lake.Jaison lost his mind. He was almost lost. One night he was beaten by a bachelor group, Ramaswami, Peter, Ajith and Sonu. The mystery of her death unfolds from here. Mean while a strae girl with Stella’s resemblance came to the spot. She looked exactly like Stella.. Infact her name was given also as Stella.

From this moment the Sidhique movie catches a pace of suspense. She went on company with the four. But her intention was different. She showed no attention to Jaison. Was that done in deliberate?. All these story twists brought the real beauty of 80’s movies. Bounded with Mystery and suspense, the Sidhique movie showed a real piece of thriller. Till the climax no one could reveal the mystery. So who is she? what may will happen to the four? Who killed Stella? So may questions. Only one answer. Watch the movie.