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Valayam – Malayalam Evergreen Movie (1992)


“Valayam” (1992) is a Malayalam dramatic movie. Directed by Sibi Malayil. Starring Murali, Manoj. K Jayan, Parvathi and others. “Valayam” says about the lives of truck drivers and their life styles, in a typical view. “Valayam” has a very good script and executed in a well manner. Sreedharan is a orphan Truck diver .Govindanashaan is his guradian and teacher His daughter is Radha.

Venu is Sreedharan’s co-driver and helper. Kunjali is his friend and helper. Seetha is a typical girl who lost her parents. Kunjammaan is a tea shop owner. His daughter is Geetha.In the movie Sreedharan is a very hard man, but very soft in heart. He loved Radha. Venu was very bad in character and he was very font off with Women. “Valayam” also gives the attitude of some men who are thinking women as just a so called time pass. Murali made the character ‘Sreedharan” very sensible with his Unique Acting.

Movie starts with a scene from Tea Shop. Sreedharan stays in a rent room just near by the tea shop. Sreedharan is very sincere driver and he is very anxious and curious about Govindanashaan and his family. Govindanashaaan has dreamed about the marriage in between Radha and Sreedharan. Sreedharan was also liked her. One day Aashaan got admitted to hospital due to heart attack and admitted to Hospital, Sreedharan rushed in to the hospital.Later he was taken to home. Aashan told Sreedharan about his dream. Sreedharan also wished the same.But later Radha told him about her affection to Venu. Sreedharan felt so disappointed.

Mean while at one night Sreedharan accidentally hit a Taxi and Radha’s father was it’s driver. He died in spot. Venu rand with the money left in car. Kunjamman was her relative. He took her to his home. But Kunjamman’s wife was very cruel to her. On the other hand Sreedharan realized that Radha is the victim of his careless driving. He felt so much sorrow. Venu also started flirting with Radha. Radha tried to skip from him. As the story goes Radha and Sreedharan gets in to love affair.

Which makes Venu very upset. He plans a trap to molest Radha. So what may happen to Radha? Will Venu spoil her dreams? What about Radha? For all answers switch to full movie brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.