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Venkalam – Malayalam Evergreen Movie


Malayalam Evergreen full Movie Venkalam : Venkalam(1993) is a Malayalam evergreen classic movie. Directed by Bharathan. starring Murali, Manoj K Jayan, Urvashi, K.PA.C Lalitha, Sonia, Kuhiravattom Pappu, Mala Aravindan, Ragini, Philomina, Priyanka, Nedumudi Venu and others. In Mahabhartha, Panchali had five husbands were brothers to each other. Which is unacceptable to today’s social life.

Venkalam handles this strange custom. In the movie there were two brothers Kandappan & Chathukutti who were smiths. But they had only one wife Kunjipennu. They lived a very comfortable life (like in the story). Both have son’s on her Gopalan & Unnikrishnan. They also continuing the same profession. Both fathers passed away eventually. But their sons continued their unique life. Their uncle Ayyappan also had the same with his brother. To be frank, the viewers may not digest this. But the script is attempting a custom that had existed long ago. Sonia washes clothing for a living. Unnikrishnan had a soft corner to her too. Damodaran namboothiri is the head of Kunnappally Temple committee.

Movie starts with a song. The song emphasises the bond and depth of affection in between Gopalan and Unnikrishnan. Unnikrishnan was interested in drama too. Some time he skips to practice. Goplan don’t like it. On the other hand Kunjipennu was dreaming about both’s marriage. She wished they too had followed the custom of her family. But both always opposed it. She never pressed about this. But she liked it very much. Gopalan had a lost love. He had liked a girl, who was from a lower cast.

Kunjipennu opposed very hard because she never tolerated such a girl from lower cast. After that Gopalan never thought of another girl. Upon the pressure from their mother. Unnikrishnan decide to marry. For him Gopalan went see the bride, Thankamani. When he saw her he lost his mind. She was that much beautiful. When Unni hear about his wish he too feel happy. After marriage Gopalan & Thankamni were like love birds. You may see the romantic moments between them.

Time passes. One day their mother saw Unni & Thankam laughing together. Her old dreams started flying again. She thought both are in that so called love. She tactically started to avoid from them, so that they shall be lonely. But at all circumstances they never crossed the fence a bit. That’s the true beauty of the script. But things got worse very soon. Gopalan felft doubt on them. And he drank one night and shouted about this. Thankamani got pregnant, he suspected that too. She gone to her home. Movie stood in this moment what may happen next ?

Will Gopalan ever realize the true brotherly affection in between Thankamani & Unni? Or any thing worse happen? See full movie and blend the story. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company